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Boiler Controllers

Boiler controllers can make a huge difference to your hot water and heating system.  With all modern condensing boilers already operating at peak efficiency, we can supply and fit a range of controls that give you an additional way of boosting your system’s overall performance.

Worcester boiler controllers give you the ability to accurately manage your system, whereas most older controllers which simply turn your boiler on and/or off.  With matching Worcester boilers and controllers, it is easy to fine tune your comfort levels whilst also working to reduce your gas useage.  This means that in reality, you only pay for what you  need, when you actually need it.

We can supply and fit easy to use controls which include everything from traditional mechanical clock-timers to internet-connected and advanced weather monitoring smart controls that can be managed from your lounge, car, train, workplace or anywhere in the world.  Simple mechanical clock timers switch your boiler on and off at the times you select, with the same times repeated every day.  Digital controls give you more options, enabling you to set different times for different days of the week, which can be particularly useful for weekends, or those working shift patterns etc.

Intelligent controls achieve considerable energy savings and therefore lower bills.  As well as responding to your time settings , many include clever features such as the ability to monitor outdoor temperatures and adjust the boilers output to make it more fuel-efficient.  The new and innovative Worcester Wave has even more control and efficiency measures that can be operated remotely using a compatible (Apple or Android) smart device.  It not only talks with a Worcester boiler, but also regulates the heat output as required.  This is far more advanced and efficient than just telling the boiler to turn on or off.

Controls for a heating a hot water system typically include two main elements: a tie clock or programmer and a room thermostat.  Below are the different types that we can offer and what they do.  We also highlight what load and weather compensation means - two main key features of Worcester intelligent and smart controls.

Timers and Programmers

A boiler timer is a basic device which allows you to set specific times for your central heating system to come on and turn off, with the same times typically repeated every day.  A boiler programmer allows you to set your heating (and sometimes hot water) to switch on and off at different times, and on different days, so your boiler best suits your lifestyle.

Room thermostats

A room thermostat monitors the air temperature and enables you to set the level you find comfortable.  If the room temperature drops below this level, the thermostat switches your boiler on and if it gets too hot, it turns it off.

Programmable room thermostats

A programmable room thermostat is both a boiler programmer and a room thermostat - it allows you to set different room temperatures for different times of the day and night.  When programmed correctly, it prevents the system from having to heat your home from a cold start, with the boiler simply having to ‘top-up’ the temperature.  This both saves energy and improves your home comfort.  We can also offer a range of wireless programmable room thermostats.  These are an excellent option if you prefer not to have, or perhaps cannot have, wires running between your thermostat and boiler, or if boiler is not readily accessible i.e. in the loft, out house, garage etc.

Load compensation

The load compensation feature adjust the temperature of the heat going to your radiators.  When a room is cold the output temperature needed will be high, but as the room warms up and less heat is required, it lowers the output temperature so that comfort is maintained but also reduced energy is needed.

Weather compensation

The weather compensation feature also adjusts the temperature of the heat going to your radiators.  However, it does this by keeping a careful watch on the outside temperature.  An outdoor sensor  or an internet location post-code search (Worcester Wave only) allows the control to carefully monitor the weather, with the radiators running hotter if the temperature outside drops, ensuring a comfortable and efficient home.

Worcester Wave -  control on the go…

The Wave is part of Worcester’s new generation of smart central heating and hot water controls which can be operated from a compatible smart device using a wireless internet connection.

Enhanced energy efficiency and comfort - advanced programming enables the Wave to interact with your Worcester boiler and take advantage of clever control features such as load and weather compensation.  This ensures that the boiler adapts its performance to meet your heating and hot water preferences and also reflects the constant changes in the environment.

Adaptable and intelligent - the Wave is supplied with pre-set programmes which may be easily changed and adapted to suit your individual needs.  It can ‘pair’ with up to eight smart devices and automatically senses when people are at home.  The Wave is ideally suited for holiday homes enabling you to remotely bring your property up to temperature before your arrival.  In addition, the Wave has a ‘holiday’ setting which switches off your heating system during your away days, but can be set to automatically turn your boiler on should the temperature drop - ideal to protect against freezing!

Full control wherever you are - the control is intuitive and simple to operate through its inbuilt touch screen or of course via the free downloadable Wave app.  This enables you to fully manage your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world using the internet i.e. Wi-Fi, 3G 4G etc. The app includes an at-the-glance check of your home’s current temperature a well as information on your heating and hot water usage to help you identify where you may potentially make savings etc.  Even if you temporarily lose connection, the Wave continues working by using your last settings.

Security and privacy - of your data was a key consideration when the Wave was designed.  With the Wave, there are a series of security settings and codes which are bespoke to you and your system.  You may be assured that none of your personal data will be shared.