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Servicing, repairs, filters  and power flushes

Over time, your central heating system water accumulates harmful dirt and debris, such as rust, solder fragments, and limescale, shed by older boilers and radiators - all of which can cause problems.

A system filter is a specifically designed unit which aims to remove and filter magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from your central heating system before they reach your boiler.  Building Regulations always recommends a system filter be fitted to your heating system pipes prior your boiler to prevent any damage to key components.

Condensing boilers are precisely engineered and designed to run with a clean-water heating system.  When your system water becomes contaminated, it can very quickly cause radiator blockages as well as damage to your key components in the boiler and heating system.  This leads to a loss of radiator  heat, increased system noise leading to inconvenient failures.  This also leads to a shorter life of your overall system and a dramatic reduction in your boiler’s efficiency - all this affects your comfort and adds to your energy bills.

We can install a system filter, two of which are Adey’s Magnaclean and Worcester’s own Greenstar Filter.  Both have been specifically designed to help combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants by capturing these contaminants before they can reach your boiler.  They use very powerful magnet-based technology and very quickly protect the performance of your heating and hot water system.  This ensures a warm and quieter, system free of blockages.

CR Baines Plumbing and Heating can quickly and cost-effectively fully service your central heating and hot water system(s).    This includes cleaning and fully servicing your boiler, draining and cleaning your central heating system which can include professional power-flushing the pipes and raditators and then filling with an approved Inhibitor - all of which ensures that your system is as clean as it can be and keeps it that way.


Annual boiler servicing is an important part of boiler and heating system maintenance to make sure it is running safely and efficiently.  

We make the following checks and clearly document them during your service:

Step 1 - Protecting your home

We will  use protective sheeting and show covers to protect your home during the service.

Step 2 - Visual check

The annual service will then be started with a visual check to make sure that the boiler, associated pipework and flue are installed and positioned correctly, both internally and externally. The general operation of the boiler is then observed and a check for correct ventilation is also carried out if required.

Step 3 - Checking it's working safely

We will remove the boiler casing to take a look at its components.  We will then check that the boiler is working safely and efficiently.  Our  service will include checking:

We will also clean inside the boiler where necessary and inspect the water and gas pipe work to make sure everything is working correctly.

Step 4 - Safety checks

We  will carry out a number of safety checks in accordance with the latest gas regulations to provide you with extra peace of mind.

Step 5 - Explaining and reporting what they have done

We will tell you if the boiler does not meet any relevant building and gas safety regulations.  We will then explain any repairs or maintenance work that needs to be done and that ensure all relevant parts used are genuine parts.  Most boiler services  last around half to three-quarters of an hour.  You will ask you to sign a report if you are happy with every element of the service that we have carried out.  A copy of a report should be available on request.  Your engineer should fill in the service record which is part of the installation and service manual.   This document is needed if you ever need to book a repair visit whilst your boiler is in warranty.

Powerflushing your system

As time goes on,  the need for power flushing comes from a build-up of oxide sludge and calcium in the central heating system.

Sludge or calcium build up in a heating system means there could be an underlining problem that’s allowing air to get into the central heating system, causing radiators and heat exchangers to corrode.  This leaves rust and debris in the bottom of radiators which corrodes down into oxide sludge.  This then leads to blocked waterways in radiators, pipe work and heat exchangers.  Blockages slow down the transfer of heat which causes pipe, valve and heating control server damage.  It will, in some cases, lead to boiler replacement.  Be aware that changing your boiler without power flushing your heating system first could lead to you needing another boiler in the near future!  This also applies to the controls which may have also been replaced on the system - it may well render your manufacture’s guarantee void.

CR Baines Plumbing and Heating use professional powerflushing equipment, depending on the particular system you have.  The complete process  takes around 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the type and state of your heating system.

Watch this short 5 minutes video on what a good power flush using Magna Cleanse professional equipment will achieve in just a few hours.

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Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) enable you to control the individual temperature of each room in your home, and can be adjusted to the comfort levels you want.  The higher the number selected on the TRV, the hotter the radiator and warmer the room.  We do not recommend fitting a  TRV on a radiator in the same room as a room thermostat, as it is important to always have a free-flowing radiator in your system.